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In our personally and exclusively selected portfolio at VERVE Champagne, you will find exciting and high-quality vintner champagnes, fascinating organic champagnes and an elegant selection of the best vintages and classics from the Grande Marques.

Our vintner champagnes carry the classification RM ? Récoltant-Manipulant. This label shows that the champagne comes from a winemaker who uses only his own grapes and also processes them himself.

We know our partners and have been working closely with them for a long time. All champagnes are imported directly from us to Germany and stored under the best conditions "suitable for champagne".

As a B2B supplier, we supply and advise the top gastronomies in the D-A-CH region. But we are also there for private customers.

Take a look at our Shop and make your selection or contact us for a personal consultation!

I drink champagne when I am happy and when I am sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone, and when I have visits, I can't miss it. When I'm not hungry, I use it to work up an appetite, and when I'm hungry, I enjoy it. But otherwise I don't touch it, except when I'm thirsty ... Lily Bollinger



Get to know our winemaking families and champagne houses.

Several times a month we offer moderated tastings in our tasting room in Stuttgart-Degerloch. Get to know our vintner champagnes or the great champagne houses.

Wir bieten ein abwechslungsreiches Programm für alle, die sich am Champagner erfreuen möchten. Tauchen Sie ein in die spannende Welt des Champagners und genießen Sie einen prickelnden Abend voller Lebensfreude und Genuss.


Gerne moderieren wir auch Ihre persönliche Verkostung oder gestalten Ihre Feier mit Ihnen gemeinsam. Schreiben Sie uns für weitere Informationen oder rufen Sie uns an, wir freuen uns auf Sie!
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Thursday afternoon from 17h in the showroom in Stuttgart-Degerloch

Dear Champagne Friends!

Due to the current Corona situation, no further tastings are currently planned in our showroom.
As soon as the situation allows, we look forward to welcoming and feeding you again!

Verve Champagne



Tasting No. 1

Starting Adventure

Starting Adventure

Immerse yourself in the world of our vintner champagnes and enjoy these exquisite drops. Just the right thing for champagne beginners or lovers of vintner champagnes! There are 3 vintners to choose from, which can be tasted as a single range or selectively mixed. We will start with a classic Brut. While you learn the basics of champagne from our expert, we open peu-à-peu the next champagne bottles.

Tasting No. 2

Champagne Lovers


Do you love champagne and want to discover new flavours? Then you've come to the right place! With our selected gourmet champagnes we let the taste buds explode in the palate! There are 4 houses to choose from, which can be tasted as a single range or selectively blended. Perhaps you love Chardonnay? Or are you looking for an exquisite Demeter Champagne? We will be happy to put together an elegantly rounded tasting in consultation with you! And while you are tasting, our expert will tell you the finer points about the champagnes. Translated with (free version)

Tasting No. 3

Avenue de Champagne


This testing experience is pure luxury! We offer here a tasting of the extra class. Champagne houses based in Avenue de Champagne in Èpernay and their outstanding cuvées. Apart from the big brands, there are some smaller, no less exquisite champagnes ? which we would like to present to you with absolute enthusiasm! This tasting will be rounded off with a small champagne menu. In cooperation with our top chef and you, we will create a taste experience of the highest order.



VERVE Champagne Cuvée Brut

is coming soon !

VERVE Champagne Cuvée Brut Rosé

is coming soon !



Roger Manceaux

Roger Manceaux is in the 4th generation and is located in the Rilly-la-Montagne region. The family owns 12 hectares of vineyards, including mostly Grand Cru and Premier Cru locations. Today the siblings Angés and Patrick Manceaux are responsible for the business.

Joly Champagne

The Joly-Champagne winemaking family is based in Troissy, a village in the Vallée de la Marne region. The vineyards are in the 5th generation and are passed on from father to son. Today the family cultivates 14 hectares and produces around 120,000 bottles a year.

Nicolo & Paradis

La Maison de Champagne Nicolo & Paradis is located in the Côte de Bar in a small town called Arsonval(Aube). All champagnes that are produced by Nicolo & Paradis are in harmony with nature and based on particularly sustainable methods.




Cordeuil P&F

Cordeuil Père & Fille ist ein Familienunternehmen in der 3. Generation. Seit diesem Jahr (2020) sind die Hälfte der Weinberge biologisch zertifiziert. Ab kommendem Jahr werden auch die restlichen Rebstöcke darunter fallen. Somit trägt das Winzerhaus seit diesem Jahr das französische Bio-Siegel.

Erik Schreiber

Champagne Erick Schreiber is located in the southern part of Champagne. Biodynamic champagne has been produced here at the highest level since 1989.
In addition to the organic seal, Erik Schreiber's champagnes also bear the international Demeter seal and the eco certificate.



J.M. Tissier

The village of Chavot-Courcourt is located on the southern slopes of Epernay, the capital of Champagne. The Tissier family has been growing vines there since 1931, which are now run by Jacques and M. Christine.

Philippe Martin

Seit über einem Jahrhundert produziert die Familie Martin mit viel Liebe erstklassige Champagner, die von Stammkunden und Kennern von Grand Crus (Vintage-Weinen) geschätzt werden.


Pertois-Lebrun is located in the municipality of Cramant, one of the most famous villages on the Côte des Blancs. Pertois Lebrun is a family business where traditions and ancestral know-how meet.

Champagne Dauby

The heart and soul of Champagne Dauby goes back to Thérèse and Guy Dauby.In harmony with nature, Champagne Dauby creates elegant and flowery champagnes that reflect the land from which they come.




Since it was founded in 1811, Perrier-Jouët has been one of the most important and distinctive champagne houses in France and is known for its elegant floral cuvées. Inspired by a love of nature and art, Perrier-Jouët has been creating extraordinary experiences and wonderful moments that brighten up everyday life.

De Venoge

Das Unternehmen Champagne de Venoge liegt in der französischen Stadt Épernay, an der schönen Avenue de Champagne. Es wurde 1837 gegründet und zählt somit zu den ältesten und traditionsreichsten Erzeugern der Region. Im Fokus steht seit jeher ein hoher Anteil der klassischen Rebsorte Pinot Noir in der Cuvée, was den einzigartigen Champagner besonders geschmeidig macht.

Paul Louis Martin

Das Paul Louis Martin Champagnerhaus wurde 1864 gegründet. Bouzy, Reich des Pinot Noir, eine robuste und großzügige Rebsorte ? Louis Martin war aktiv an der Gründung der Bouzy-Genossenschaft beteiligt und wurde zu ihrem Gründungspräsidenten gewählt. So begann er 1929 mit seinem ersten Marc in der Weinherstellung.




Die Champagne mit Ihrer schönen Landschaft ist eine historische Provinz im Nordosten Frankreichs. Sie bildet den westlichen Teil der Region Grand Est.
Die Region ist stark landwirtschaftlich geprägt. Knapp 60% der Fläche wird für Agrarzwecke genutzt.
In the cultivated wine-growing regions, around 35,000 hectares are cultivated by over 15,000 champagne winemakers.

Champagne, which has been legally protected since 1927, is guaranteed by the designation of origin? AOC? (Appellation d? Origine Controlée) an outstanding quality of the products, which are from the umbrella organization? Comité Champagne? is protected and controlled.

We offer high quality vintner champagnes at fair prices!

Champagnes with the RM classification as well as organic and Demeter.

Visit exclusive champagne houses with us during tastings or tours in the Champagne region!

Give yourself or others the gift of the finest drink in the world and let yourself be tinglingly pampered.

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