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Wie man Champagner am besten lagern sollte

One advantage of our cardboard boxes is that you can store your champagne perfectly. Simply lay the box on its side and remove the bottles as needed. The box remains stable and your champagne is in the ideal - horizontal position so that the cork is kept moist from the inside. In addition, champagne should always be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light.


Was muss ein Champagner-Glas können? Die richtige Wahl des Glases

The scents intensify and liberate. Shouldn't the aromas evaporate too quickly? they should not yet be able to develop. The best thing is a glass that matches the character in question!

A ripe and complex champagne is best drunk from a bulbous glass with a larger opening. The air helps the aromas to free themselves better.

But be careful, the perlage (bubbling bubbles) will also disappear faster.

In a classic flute, the bubbles and aromas are protected longer.

So you see, when it comes to champagne and choosing the right glass, it is better to try your hand at it.


Welche Trinktemperatur sollte Champagner haben

For younger and lighter champagnes, we recommend a drinking temperature of 6-8 ° C. This particularly emphasizes the freshness and the glasses appear cool.

For more mature and complex champagnes, however, we recommend a drinking temperature of 10 ° C. Let the glass stand for a few minutes so that the aromas can develop better in the air.


Wie Sie Champagner-Gläser richtig spülen und was zu beachten ist

Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, you can wash your glasses in the machine.

Otherwise better by hand. Make sure that the glasses are rinsed with clear water before pouring champagne, as soap residue ensures that your bubbles get lost - and that would be a shame!

Entrance only if you're 18 years old.

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